2nd Half of A Certain Scientific Railgun T TV Anime Delayed Until July 24 Due to COVID-19

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A Certain Scientific Railgun T


It has been a long road for the A Certain Scientific Railgun T TV anime, after being one of the first anime affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in February, the series has been on and off for months, with delays here and there to make sure production was safe to continue and to get the last of the Daihasei Festival Arc finished. With the hard work of all the animation staff and voice actors, the last of the arc is finally finished and we're finally able to move forward with to the next.


Though, we'll have to wait a little longer to see it, as the official website for A Certain Scientific Railgun T announced after the broadcast of episode 15 that the series will be once again going on a break until July 24 due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus. Episode 16 'Dream Ranker' will air on July 24 and the rest of the season is scheduled to continue until September.


とある科学の超電磁砲T# 16 「天賦夢路(ドリームランカー)」はCOVID-19の影響により放送を7/24に延期する事となりました。
詳しくは公式HPをご覧ください。 https://t.co/apIMWIUvFB#超電磁砲T

— とあるプロジェクト公式 (@toaru_project) May 22, 2020


From now until then, the franchise will rebroadcast episodes hand-picked by the lead cast members (including Touma) until July 17 on Japanese TV, when the 15th episode will be rebroadcast ahead of episode 16 a week later.


A Certain Scientific Railgun T is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, with all the episodes up to now available to watch. The series will return in July, and personally, I'm excited for the next chapter of A Certain Scientific Railgun T alongside everyone else!


Source: ToAru Project on Twitter


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