7 Best Treasure Hunt Movies on Netflix Right Now (2020)

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Do you have fond memories the last time you watch an action-packed treasure hunt movies on Netflix? Well, as movie followers, it must engage you when you saw treasure hunt movies. We are always used to understand classy, well written, engaging films that go viral in all niches. Right from star cast and supporting actor’s acclaimed performance, any genre of films will always do well in the overseas market.

Well, movie fans are now a day getting smarter and knowledgeable to acknowledge every performance of their favorite actors and actresses. There are different genres of films released every week. Among them on Netflix, the highly preferred online video streaming platform where the viewers can afford to watch all kinds of movies. In this article, we have fine-tuned some notable and famous films based on a treasure hunt. These films well received by both film critics as well as the audience.

Treasures From The Wreck of The Unbelievable (2012)

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Next on the feature list is the movie treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable. This movie backdrops or story revolves around underwater sculptures that were found in Africa around 2008 and related to Turkish slave who was freed and later worthy of this treasure. This movie belongs to rich in appealing stories, which keeps the audience and movie fans guessing of what next twist will unfold. It was the brave and par excellence unforgettable movie for all movie fans, and they can still watch it on Netflix whenever they want.

The Mummy (1999)

Tresure hunt movies

Well, the film that the cine-goer never missed whenever on air is the highly engaging film “The Mummy”. It was the best cinematography, and editing brilliance that not only claps by the audience but also critics praised the movie leading actors’ performance. It was a thrilling experience watching the mummy as you hardly missed any moment. Edge of the seat thriller, along with a backdrop of treasure hunts, equally excites the cine fans. This film, which was released way back in the 90s, still moviegoers cherish every single scene, and on Netflix, this movie has undoubtedly created an on-demand film to watch.

National Treasure (2004)

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Ensemble star cast like actor Nicolas cage along with stories of treasure hunt ideally suited the film’s narration and storytelling. Actor such acclaimed and versatile Nicolas cage with his unmatched performance set to engage film followers, but also critics appreciated the commendable act of Nicolas cage. The story and concepts of treasure hunts have been told or narrated in such a way that the audience will find extraordinarily compelling, and no one can ever predict the storyline. That makes the film a lot more appealing and worth a watch if you want to see it on Netflix.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981)

Tresure hunt movies

First on the feature list is Indiana Jones, the installment of the Indiana Jones series. This film is renowned for its breathtaking special effects and crisp cinematography, editing to be precise. Around the 80s, technically films were not that as advanced though it engages and appreciated by the audience. In current days’ advancement of post-production work, this movie seems to be a technically sound movie to reckon. This movie has everything that movie fans of followers eagerly anticipated to watch on the big screen. It has commercial value as well as the mainstay of classic cinema. It has full of entertainment and conveys the film’s real-time intention, and that is to entertain the audience.

Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade Indiana Jones: Kingdom of The Crystal Skull


These are the most engaging and power-packed performance of all leading actors. Treasure hunt storyline will always remain a potent and exponent of something interesting to offer. Watching these recommended films on Netflix will surely have a fond and memorable experience.

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