We Asked Twitter To Draw Chopper From Memory, And The Results Were Amazing

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Last night, we thought it would be fun to ask people on Twitter to draw Chopper from memory. Ya know, the Straw Hat Crew's doctor from One Piece. He's on the Mt. Rushmore of cute anime characters, so we figured that the results would be pretty good. 


We just didn't know that they'd be THIS good.


First off, here's the original tweet, in case you wanna give it a shot:


Show me your best CHOPPER!! pic.twitter.com/3ikaaIU0ms

— Crunchyroll @ TOWER OF GOD ???? (@Crunchyroll) April 9, 2020


 And now, here are just a few of the best ones:



— naked dialga ????‍☠️@ ACNH ???? (@pastycake_) April 10, 2020


Drawing on your phone is hard D: pic.twitter.com/4HSCtMdej3

— Dawn @ ACNH Egg Overload (@bunnycartoon) April 10, 2020



— Amber Jade (@AmberJadeArt) April 10, 2020


SUGEEEE !!!! pic.twitter.com/B42XZPMkvs

— Mario Chris Reynaldi (@riochris05) April 10, 2020


I hope my memories don't deceive me (゚3゚)~♪ pic.twitter.com/DPBL3HXPvq

— ????Taiyou95???? (@taiyou_95) April 9, 2020



— Jack (@Jack_C_Sumpter) April 9, 2020




— T-TIME (@TLyudacris) April 10, 2020


Eto... it looked better in my head ^^; pic.twitter.com/mEXpK12Oop

— Kyo Limit ( 限界 夾) (pls be safe out there) (@KyoLimit) April 9, 2020



— Duke (@bugliker) April 9, 2020



— Deri @ ACNH ???????????????? (@derisamich) April 9, 2020


Okie this took me a while to try to do, but i believe it goods. Chopper my fav ???????? i even have a lil plushie of him. pic.twitter.com/GFW0WuwPMM

— Erika (@LxveDrops) April 10, 2020


The best I can do pic.twitter.com/wHarjdi4Ji

— Antwon Kudo (@AntwonKudo) April 10, 2020


Funny because I had this paused on screen COINCIDENTLY. Have no idea why I made him so skinny. pic.twitter.com/3zDaQdcLSO

— JenaJamon???? (@JamonJena) April 10, 2020



— egg @ SCP containment (@eggsplode) April 10, 2020



Chopper would be proud!






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